Health Coaching

Why is a home practice and routine important?

Consistent small steps retrain the brain & nervous system-due to neuroplasticity.

Routine helps embed good habits.

Home exercise & self-help strategies are an important part of self-care.

Ergonomic advice is an important aspect of self-care, & to avoid increasing pain- especially in the neck & back.

  • Eg: sitting well when using ipads & computers
  • Encourage frequent position changes during the day
  • Poor head & neck position when using mobiles  can contribute to neck & back pain.

Why is goal setting important?

Health coaching/advice,  behaviour change & modification are essential to encourage movement & improve function.

Goal setting assists in making manageable steps to improve function & manage the condition.

SMART goals are set, & reviewed every 2-4 weeks.

These are small behavioural changes that are



Time frame review



Service information.

  • Individual consultations and sessions are 60-90 minutes.
  • Home visits or zoom sessions
  • Available day or evening on request