Postnatal Services

For the new mum:

  • Abdominal & general exercise, including graded & long-term progression
  • Back care & ergonomic advice e.g. positions for feeding, carrying, lifting
  • Posture – exercise/correction/advice
    e.g. ‘tech neck’
  • General self-care e.g. relaxation techniques
  • Continence & bladder issues. Pelvic floor exercise  and bladder training.

For the baby:

  • Massage for bonding/fun/gut issues.
  • Prevention & management of flat head/plagiocephaly.
  • Positions for play.
  • Encouraging fun activities for movement skills e.g. rolling, sitting, crawling.
  • Sleep positions Vs play positions

Service information.

  • Individual consultations and sessions are 60-90 minutes.
  • Home visits or zoom sessions
  • Available day or evening on request
  • Locations: Melbourne, Geelong, Torquay & Mornington Peninsula